Established in 1980 Al Mohannad raw material and bakery ingredients truly set new standard in the Kuwaiti market, it revolutionized the bakery and pastry presentation in Kuwait and established a superior quality for them unparalleled anywhere in the world. 

Throughout the years Al Mohannad expanded its range to cover more areas in the market and satisfy the needs of these areas, consequently 

The company today is not only the leader in the raw material and bakery ingredients supplying bakeries, pastry stores, catering companies, etc …, but also a major supplier for the food services line sector such as five stars hotels and top restaurants in Kuwait. 

The sales team is compromised of some professional, highly qualified people supported by professional chefs, great line of products, a demonstration kitchen, and an office supporting staff. The whole team has a very wide knowledge of the Kuwait market and a dedication to serve the customer the best by understanding their needs and wants 

Al Mohannad has its own storage facilities, which consists of frozen, chilled and dry warehouses. The delivery trucks are well equipped to handle any kind of delivery and are on the road almost around the clock assuring prompt deliveries.

Al Mohannad prides on representing some of the best agencies from around the globe. The company would not settle for anything less than the best in the world this is easily reflected when one takes a look at the following agencies:

Al Mohannad actively supports and sponsors local events in the community and always attends the pastry shows exhibitions around the world, this is a must in this ever changing business and is a big key for our success as we are always the first in the market to bring the newest products from the world.